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Eleventh House Art

Samples and examples of Art by Jane Harty

Links to other sites on the plain of probabilities...

Life seems to come together often by chance and coincidence. You've found your way to this page and might feel inclined to click on some of these links and explore... see where they take you. Hopefully an interesting journey of pleasant discoveries...

Bev Ryan, publisher

Bev is an astute businesswoman with extensive experience working with authors on a range of topics . She has played in integral role in assisting writers to realise their publishing dreams through her skills as a publisher and editor. Bev is warm and approachable and provides a wealth of information as I can attest to as a participant in her recent workshop on self publishing.

Sean Leahy

Sean is an award winning political cartoonist. His cartoons capture so well the foibles and inconsistencies of Australian politics. His work is featured daily in the Courier Mail newspaper. Sean is a respected mentor and friend and an active participant in local cartoon and animation festivals.

 Wendy Millgate

Wendy is a wonderful friend who has assisted me in getting my cartoons published locally. She has much to offer as an editor and proof reader and has provided excellent advice and assistance to authors and is an adept networker, professional and skilled wordsmith.

 A book to buy and give - Spirit Seeds

A quick orientation to wider dimensions... by my friend, Helen. The 'about the author' blurb in this book was, co-incidentally, written by me! see also:

 Creative Devotions

Creative Devotions at Caloundra specialises in work and therapies that assist people to be clearer on who they are and what they seek in life. An interesting browse... have a look!

Art by Helen M. Downs

The Eleventh House Art site was originally constructed for me by my old school pal & friend Helen Downs, who likes to write, make websites & art and has many other creative pursuits. See some of her work at her site.


 Bronwen Williams - Laughter Works

Bronwen is a brilliant workshop facilitator in the ancient art of a good old LAUGH. She is an Angel Being serving the human race in a positive and inspirational way!